School Bus Logistics Pty Ltd trading as Geraldton Coach Lines, trades under the following conditions:

Quotation & Confirmation

  • Written quotes via our website, email or other means are current at the time of quotation and may be subject to change prior to confirmation of a booking.
  • All quotes provided are subject to availability at the time of booking.
  • Written quotes are based on details provided and may be altered if the itinerary changes
  • Written confirmation is required. Confirmation in writing also indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Changes & Cancellations

  • Changes to bookings will be accepted subject to availability.
  • Bookings that do not run to schedule through no fault of Geraldton Coach Lines may be charged an additional fee.
  • Cancellations at more than 24 hours’ notice will not incur a fee, excepting any external expenses incurred in relation to the booking. (for example, if driver accommodation is unable to be refunded the client will incur the cost)
  • Same day cancellation or no show will incur the full quoted fee.
  • If a booking is cancelled by Geraldton Coach Lines due to events of force majeure or outside its control, all fees will be reimbursed. Geraldton Coach Lines will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the client.
  • Geraldton Coach Lines reserves the right to charge hirers a fee for the repair of any damage inflicted by the hirer or their party.
  • Geraldton Coach Lines reserves the right to charge an up front, refundable $200 cleaning fee.


  • Geraldton Coach Lines may require payment in advance for all charters.
  • Payments can be made via EFT, cheque or credit card.

Passenger Behaviour

  • As per the WA Police Licensing Act 1998 Section 119 (4,7,9,11) and Section 109 (1) NO ALCOHOL is to be consumed on board any vehicles.
  • Smoking and vaping is not permitted on any Geraldton Coach Lines vehicles.
  • Passengers who are intoxicated may be refused entry to the vehicles.
  • Violent, disorderly and aggressive passengers will be refused entry to vehicles.
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times.

Lost Property

  • Every effort will be made to locate and return lost property. However, Geraldton Coach Lines is unable to accept liability for lost or damaged property.


  • Other than as specified in these Conditions of Carriage or applicable laws (such as the Australian Consumer Law), we exclude all liability for any costs, expenses, losses or damages whatsoever that may arise in any way in connection with the carriage.