• Where practical space passengers as much as possible.
  • Front row to be left vacant to provide distance from driver.
  • Own luggage to only be handled by each passenger, driver will not handle.
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer available for use.
  • Bus will be cleaned hospital grade antibacterial prior to each trip using Department of Health Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19.
  • Aircon will be run on fresh air not recycle and all vents treated with hospital grade antibacterial prior to each trip.
  • Any passengers showing signs of sickness, or who have been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus case will not be carried.



GERALDTON COACH LINES is licensed with the West Australian Department of Transport (DoT) to operate tours and charters, including school charter services, as an On-Demand Booking Service – Authorisation Number 1000178.  The Licence requires operators to attain insurances to cover for provisions under the Motor Vehicle (Third Party Insurance) Act. 1943.



All vehicles operated by Geraldton Coach Lines are maintained and kept in excellent condition. They are roadworthy, meet Government standards, and, are maintained in accordance with a DoT approved Vehicle Maintenance Program. This includes annual mechanical inspections by DoT Vehicle Examiners.

All vehicles are checked over daily by our drivers to ensure no defects or issues are present and the vehicle is fit for use.



Drivers employed by Geraldton Coach Lines are suitably licensed by the West Australian DoT and have an “F” extension on their driver’s licence pursuant to Road Traffic Regulations.

The DoT licence certifies that the driver has been subjected to checks (including medical examinations and police clearance) to confirm that they are of good repute. It also attests that the driver has sufficient responsibility and aptitude to operate Public Passenger Vehicles. All drivers are legally obliged to maintain these licences in order to operate one of our coaches.

All of our drivers maintain valid “Working with Children Checks” and hold a “Provide First Aid” Certificate.

Due to Australian Privacy Principles that apply to our organisation, we are unable to provide you with copies of our employees’ Driver’s License or Working with Children Cards, however we can provide the card number which can be checked at

All drivers abide by Geraldton Coach Lines plans & policies including our Fatigue Management plan and Fitness for Work policy.



Charter routes are designed around clients’ itineraries, however due to the frequent occurrence of incidents on the Indian Ocean Drive and the increasing amount of tourist driven traffic between Perth and Cervantes, we strongly recommend an alternative route where possible.

Under the Road Traffic Act and our Driver Fatigue Management Plan, drivers are required to take breaks at regular intervals which should be accounted for when planning itineraries. Breaks are regulated as follows:


Time Period



Standard Hours (Solo Bus Driver)


8 hours Minimum of 20 minutes rest within 5 hours driving.  Minimum of 30 Minutes rest within 8 hours of driving.
24 hours 12 hours off (including on continuous period of 7 hours) in one day.
7 days 6 nights rests in 7 days. (Night rest = 7 hours continual rest between 10 pm and 8 am.
28 days 4 x 24 hour shifts off in 28 days.




In case of emergency, all drivers are familiar with the Emergency Contacts, Guidelines and Procedures as provided in the bus file. The driver will, to the best of their ability, ensure the safety of all passengers. If necessary, the driver should contact (or organize contact with) emergency services.

When practicable, the driver is to contact Geraldton Coach Lines who will organize a replacement bus and inform any other parties as required.

All fire extinguishers are tested on a regular basis in accordance with AS1851 and first aid kits are present on all buses.